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SB Global Logistics

To complete the Global Solutions picture, we continually evaluate and invest in new technology to ensure our systems provide us with a comprehensive facility and the most up-to-date information available. The newly designed ship data software allows us both to accurately plan and track the progress of vessels for both import and export clients. We are es[ecially impressed with the online search tools. The vessels which have overseas port stops from New Zealand can now also be quickly searched with the new enhanced port-to-port tool, unlike the previous ship data versions. The advertisers' schedules are now available to download in a universal pdf format making for an easy to print out or to be saved on your computer. Should you wish to print the search results this can be done by a click of the mouse.

We find these facilities of great benefit as we can give 'real time' information to our clients and therefore it is used by all our operators on a daily basis. You also will find this an invaluable tool if you are an importer, exporter or manufacturer that requires up-to-date vessel movements.

Well done shipdata team

Jed Graham j.graham@sbinfo.co.nz, Customs Supervisor, http://www.sbinfo.co.nz


We originally installed Shipdata to give everyone in our office immediate access to the shipping movements. Prior to that we relied on passing around a copy of the Shipping Gazette which was never where it should be when someone required it urgently.

Information moves cargo. Shipdata is updated three times a week, which means that we are working with the most accurate and current information available.

An added bonus is that using the Port to Port feature we can quickly search out all by the sailing options between any two ports and provide our clients with a range of options and a print out almost instantaneously.


Cubic Transport Services Ltd

Like most companies involved in the shipping and transport industries we find the NZ Shipping Gazette a valuable resource and a good read. But for Cubic, Shipdata has proved to be an especially valuable business tool. Our business depends on frequent and reliable international shipping services between NZ ports, and our clients depend on us producing regular, accurate domestic shipping schedule. For Cubic, the Shipdata software has given us a simple means of checking the accuracy of our scheduled arrivals and departures, and allows us to stay right up to date with any changes.



CPI GROUP is New Zealand's only 'one source' supplier of paper, machinery and printing consumables to the printing and graphic arts industries. The nature of these industries means that CPI has to provide an extremely high level of service for our customers. Shipdata helps us achieve this level of service. We have been using Shipdata for 3 years now and it gives several users easy access to the latest information for all vessels and is updated regularly. This information is critical to our business and helps us meet our customers' demands accurately and professionally.


C.T Freight NZ Ltd

C.T Freight provides an extremely high level of service to all our clients.

We have been using Shipdata for around three years now and it is helping us provide up to date information for our agents and clients.

We found Shipdata very simple to use and all our staff in our office has access to it, which has proved to be an especially valuable tool in our daily operations.

The service that Shipdata supplies us is critical to our business and we would recommend it to any future clients.


Accord International Freight Ltd

We first installed Shipdata in 1996 in its original DOS format and later upgraded to its current Windows LAN version. Since its installation Shipdata has been providing our office with access to the very latest shipping information at the click of a button.

Ship arrivals and departures are easily obtained with the 'search' function and shipping options acquired using the port to port feature, with a print option available to on forward to clients.

Information available from Shipdata is up to date and easily accessible, making it a very useful tool in a busy office.

-- Angela Burnside