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Please contact Erwin Stoppels for Shipdata membership and any queries.

The New Zealand Shipping GazetteTM

The Shipping Gazette provides commentary on the industry and news events for both New Zealand shipping and the international shipping scene.

All this in addition to our weekly update of shipping movements.

The market leader (48 issues plus a Christmas holiday issue) Plus SPECIAL INDUSTRY REVIEW.

The Special Industry Review will be forwarded as an insert to all SHIPPING GAZETTE subscribers. The Review provides detailed reports on the shipping and transportation industry and on the market and trade routes.

Previous issues have included:

  • Ports and waterfront service
  • Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Asia trade
  • Reefer trade Trans-Tasman
  • Containerization and intermodalism
  • and many other topics

About Us

The New Zealand Shipping GazetteTM

The shipping sectors color tabloid newspaper, each week packed with vital news and advertising for importers, exporters, manufacturers and those companies allied to the shipping industry.

Weekly articles cover

  • Shipping company news
  • International shipping
  • Port trade news
  • Maritime law

Commentary on topical issues and events in the New Zealand shipping and Australian scene.


Shipdata is a web application that allows subscribers to search the shipping schedules published in the Shipping Gazette.

You can search for ships traveling between ports or simply choose to view a ship's schedule. You can also download schedules for a shipping company.